Monday, October 29, 2007

Biodiversity Lecture Series

We would like to invite any interested members of the Friends of the Angle Fly Preserve to the thrird and fourth of the biodiversity lecture series that the Towns of Somers and Bedford developed as a result of the biodiversity assessment training provided by Hudsonia. The descriptions and locations of the lectures are reprinted below.

III. "Agricultural Districts and Environmental Impacts associated with Farming"
Wednesday, November 7, 7 PM, Somers Townhouse
One of the major developments in the protection of farmland in the area is the agricultural district, a somewhat little known zoning tool. The purpose of this presentation will be to learn more about "ag districts" and to discuss their potential for habitat protection as well as the challenges that arise from their exemption from local planning oversight. Speakers to include Bob Somers of New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Liz Brock of the American Farmland Trust, and Conrad Vispo, Farmscape Ecology Program of Hawthorne Valley Farm in Columbia County.

IV. "Planning and Designing for Biodiversity: A Panel Discussion" Wednesday, December 5, 7 PM, Katonah Library

A panel discussion involving members of the building industry as well as environmental advocates and biologists on the ways in which development can be steered to minimize its impact on biodiversity. Presenters will include Lou Marquet–developer, and Michael Klemens, executive director of the Metropolitan Conservation Alliance.

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